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Don’t move in without determining whether an infestation has beaten you to it.

When considering investing in something as fundamental as a home on the sunshine coast, it’s vital to be aware of the true value of your proposed purchase and any pests that come as part of the package. After all, you want a home that will grow in value alongside those who live in it.

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A home with an existing infestation can end up becoming an asset that quickly depreciates to near nothing. Proper inspections prior to payment can alert you to these risks and potentially save you from such an situation.

Elite Sunshine Coast Pest Control inspectors can provide a quick and economic assurance that the house you’re intending to purchase isn’t already home to termites, silverfish, cockroaches and a host of other bugs.

Elite’s Sunshine Coast Pre Purchase Pest Inspections can determine whether your intended new home is already infested before you sign – a move that could save you from losing huge sums of money on a home already in need of an extermination treatment.

To schedule a Pre Purchase Inspection for the house you’re considering calling home, call Elite today for quick, efficient service and peace of mind.

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